İstanbul CNR EXPO CAR RENTAL and Transportaion

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The transportation to Istanbul CNR Expo Exhibition Center

                                                                                          Istanbul CNR EXPO Exhibition Center
Istanbul is a city where is unique with its culture and art activities, entertainment centers, historical structure and multcultured people. Istanbul where is one of the most important tourisim centers in Turkey, is a worldwide known and important city with its metropolitan structure and level of development. These amazing structure and features of Istanbul cause this place to host lots of foreign and domestic tourists every season throughout the years and has became an important tourism center. The visits that are made to this beautiful city both for work and travel always leaves an unforgettable impression on visitors. If you come to Istanbul, and if you have your own car or have a rental car from a Rent A Car company, you can travel these historical structures, museums, parks, squares and lots of other important places for days or even weeks. If you come to this city for business you can join a lot of important exhibitions, seminars and suclike events and have significant opportunities for your firm or product.CNR EXPO, is a deep rooted and quality firm that gives service effectively for 30 years on exhibition field in Turkey. This amazing exhibition center, hosted 50 exhibitions per year and hosted over 5 millions of visitors total. The exhibition area here is about 160 thousand square meters, and the parking area located in here provides an easy and safe accommodation for the exhibition visitors. CNR Expo provides optimum services on various issues such as technological substructure, heating and cooling systems, telecommunication and air conditioning for the exhibitions that are organized within. The transportation to CNR Expo Exhibition Center and accommodation here is very easy and comfort. Lots of business managers come to this center from different places every year. Therefore there are lots of comfort and cheap hotels around the exhibiton center. If you decided to come to an exhibiton in here, you can stay in these hotels. Another important issue that you need to be careful aabout is transportation. CNR Expo is located near the Ataturk Airport. Therefore, organizing your transportation from another city or country with airways will be beneficial. When you come to the airport, you can keep you transportation comfort and safe by dealing with a Rent A Car company that will meet you at the airport. Moreover, chauffeur-driven cars are also availbale in the Rent A Car companies. Along with these Cnr Expo is also close to the e5 and tem highways and coast road. Another close point for visitors who doesn’t prefer highway for transportation is Yenikapi and Bakirkoy Seabus Piers. You can provide your transportation from all over the world to the CNR Expo exhibition center and join these amazing exhibitions here. However we recommend you to have a rental car from a Active  Rent A Car company for a fast and comfort travel.