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                                                                                                           ANCIENT CITIES IN ANTALYA
With recent developments of the turism sector in Turkey, Antalya has improved itself in this sense and has came in to prominence as the most popular tourism center of Turkey. Altough it is well known with its natural beauties, delightful sea and beaches, Antalya is also an important tourism center with its historical heritage and ancient cities. Therefore, we have decided that it is beneficial and important to study these ancient cities in Antalya in terms of their cultural value, historical remainsi locations and transportations (Rent A Car, boat, bus). There are lots of ancient cities in Antalya, so we decided to examine some of them. The places that wi will examine in these ancient cities will be Syedra Ancient City, Selinus Ancient City and Termessos Ancient City. 
Syedra Ancient City
Syedra Ancient City that is 20 km far from the Antalya city center, is in the borders of Seki Village today. Alanya Archeological Museum has done some researches on th Syedra Ancient City and conclude that the cities history dates back to 7th century BC. You enter to this magnificent city through a stone gate which is still standing today. City is located on a high hill and surrounded by walls. The walls are still standing today and the remains of the architectural factors can still be seen. Based on the predictions of archeologists, Syedra Ancient City was an important center in its period. Spiritual places, baths and agoras that are seen in big cities at this period, can still be examine today. In remainings of baths that are located in the west of the city, there are lots of mosaic ruins.
Along with these, Syedra Ancient City, is outside of Alanya and has a location that is available for a bird’s eye view of Alanya. In our opinion, the best way to travel this 20-25 km road is car rental. It will be so much easy if you work with a Airport Rent a Car Company that will meet you at the airport. 
Selinus Ancient City
Another ancient city around Alanya şs Selinus Ancient City. It will be important to have a rental car by having a service from a  Rent A Car company Antalya in terms of having a comfortable travel to city that is about 45 km far from Alanya. When you arrive in the city, you can peak up with a one hour walk. Selinus Ancient Citiy has a history dates back to 6th century BC. Altough it is not as rich in historical remainings as Syedra, here, there is a agora that hasa a view of Mediterranean Sea. Agora’s itself is not standing today, but its granite columns can still be seen. Along with these, there is a hunting lodge that has gadrooned from Selcuklu architecture in the city.
Termessos Ancient City
Another importany ancient city of Antalya is Termessos Ancient City which is the best preserved ancient city in Turkey. The city that uses its own natural flora as a shield for itself, gives a hidden city impression with its magical atmosphere. The city have faced many blockades including the Great Alexander, but due to its natural plato, it all concluded in failure. Today, lots of remainings from agora to theatre can still be seen. The most interesting among these is, the old tomb remainings. It is possible to trip this city that is located on 30 km southwestern Antalya, by scheduled carriers or car rental services. If you determined a few stops on thee road, you should agree with a rental car company Active since it will cost much less than the cabs.