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Antalya Airport Car Rental

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Car hire in Antalya Airport , has first put into service in 1960 with a 300 m2 building. Later on with the increasing domestic tourism and foreign travel, it took its final form by developing and growing. Antalya Airport where is located 13 km far from Antalya city cenetr,  gives service with its technical equipment, team of experts and space of 13 million m2 today. Distances of Antalya Airport to other important places are 57 km to Kemer, 125 km to Finike, 200 km to Kas, 229 km to Kalkan, 30 km to Serik, 65 km to Manavgat and 125 km to Alanya. If you came to Antalya by air ways, you can provide transportation by busses or taxis on the Antalya Airport. However, since you can not travel with busses as you wish and the taxi migth cost much more than you thought, we recommend you to have a deal with a Rent A Car  company which will meet you at the airport to have a rental car service. This way, you can both travel as you wish without paying great expenses and make your journey comfortable and cheerful. 
 In Antalya Airport, all the electronical systems, air traffic control center and control tower gives twenty four seven service in order to provide a secure flight. And to be able to do medical intervention for possible health problems, healthcare perssonnels gives service in the airport. Antalya Airport has also contains Rent A Car companies to make your travels easier. This way, you can travel wherever you want and whenever you want with low costs, and enjoy your trips and vacations. There is also a consultation service where you can get information about what are the places where you need to see, historic places and ancient cities, hostels, restourants,shopping centers and how you can get there. Antalya Airport is the 14th peak airport of Europe and 2nd peak airport Turkey in Antalya terms of air traffic. And in 2011, it is selected as the best airport of Europe in the ‘10 - 25 millions of passengers’ category.
It is very easy to provide transportation to Antalya by air way. It is one of the most preferred ways in terms of its comfort, short journey time and travel security. In this regard, Antalya Airport has maximisated its travel experience by giving all the necessary services to its passengers. There are lots of offices of Rent A Car companies in Antalya Airport. If you come to Antalya to see the magnificient beaches, significant historic places and ancient cities, natural beauties, waterfalls and rivers in here, having a rental car will be the best option in order to make your transportation from the airport easier and have a cheap and joyous travel experience. Antalya Airport has been giving service for many years and will continue its services with its team of experts and qualified servicing and security, in order to provide your transportation from lots of different places to Antalya where is the most imprtant and preferred tourism center on Mediterranean shores of Turkey. If you decide to visit glamourus places of this wonderful city, you can prefer the transportation by air ways and after that, Rent A Car companies Active car rental to Travel Antalya as you wish.