Antalya's Most Popular and Lovely Cafés

You can take break in one of these cafes for a snack with the family on the weekend and you will make an energic start for the new week and you will feel more rested.

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Cafe and Bistro Antalya

Antalya's Most Popular and Lovely Cafés
In one of Turkey's most beautiful touristic cities, Antalya there are lots  of different cafes and restaurants that will offer you a joyful break in your journey with beautiful nature scenes and delicious foods. 
If you seek a cafe where you can both rest and enjoy your holiday while drinking your tea or coffee in Antalya, you can find the most popular cafés in Antalya in this post.
As Antalya Active Rent A Car, we have viewed the most beautiful cafes in Antalya for you.
Here are some of these cafes that you definitely must visit during your trip in Antalya:
• Castle Cafe and Bistro
With its unique view, Castle Cafe and Bistro is one of the Antalya's most popular cafés , it is located right in the middle of Antalya cove with sea view.
This lovely cafe where is right next to the Hidirlik tower in Kaleici, Antalya, has a 2000 year old history; and it offers a best quality service to its visitors with a warm and friendly atmosphere and a magnificent view.
As Active Rent A Car, we highly recommend you to visit Castle Cafe and Bistro to taste delicious Mediterranean food  while you are traveling with your car during the day. 
• Dem-lik Cafe Bar
Dem-cafe Bar where has a peaceful and silent environment, is waiting for its visitors in Antalya Kaleiçi, especially the ones who likes to have a delicious and strong tea.
Dem-lik Cafe Bar welcomes its guests with its quality taste of music, and it is also a place where you can enjoy live music in the evenings.
You can also have a delicious breakfast with your family or friends at this place, especially in its charming garden.
You can easily come to this place with a luxurious and comfortable car that you can rent from Active Rent A Car.
• Lal Cafe
Lal Cafe is a small and cosy cafe located in Kaleici, Antalya where has friendly waiters and express service and it is perfect place to grab some snacks.
This popular café is mostly known with its special meatballs but it also serves fast-food style snacks. Lal Cafe has a beautiful garden and covered with trees all around and it gives you an opportunity to have a peaceful time while having a delicious meal.
• Cay-Tea's Lunchroom & Deco Home
This cafe is one of the Kaleici's most elegant cafés with its British style Country and Vintage decorations; you will find the opportunity to taste various kinds of coffee and you will be amazed by its tasteful dishes.