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Doing Sports in Antalya

Antalya is a city which is famous with its sea and beaches, covered by mountains, rivers and other natural beauties and ideal for the trips and vacations. With the Taurus Mountains and other mountains that are cover with layer of snow in winter, its affluent rivers and waterfalls, its sea which has a uniqe under water view, it provides a convenient environment for lots of different sports.If you dicede to go to this wonderful city, you can try these sports in ski center that is popular and irreplaceable to skiers, underwater which has lots of historical and natural views, and rivers that has raceways in great demand. You can arrive in Antalya by lots of different transportation vehicles such as buses and airplanes, or you can get there by your car, and if you do not have any, you can have a rental car service airport from a Rent A Car company.
Saklıkent Ski Center, is one of the first things coming to mind when it is about skiing in Antalya.Saklıkent Ski Center, is a center that is 45 km far from Antalya city center, and 60 km far from the airport, and is located on Beydağları Mountains in the west of Antalya. You can travel to Saklıkent Ski Center via th services of the tour companies or a rental car that will be in your serve from the moment you get to the airport if you want to enjoy the view of calbrian pines on the road. Skiing season is short in this 2-2.5 thousand meters hight center,so we recommend you to shcedule your travel date and make a reservation when you come to ski in here. It has two tracks which are easy and medium difficulity level and it known by closeness to the equator as a ski center. In Saklıkent Ski Center, the perfect combination of the air, snow and quality track creats a delight of ski that should be seen and experienced. 
You need to add the rafting that is a wonderful combination of fun, adrenalin and the cold water of rivers, to your to-do list if you came in to Antalya. Rafting is a sport that you try to go forward through the rocks and obstacles in inclined rivers with a bot called raft. In this sport, one of the most critical points is to act like a true team in the boat. There are lots of suitable places to do rafting such as Koprulu Canyon, Manavgat, Dalaman, Coruh, Zamantı, Alara, Dragon, Esen and Melen. Among these, Koprulu Canyon is one of the most famous and it is a river that starts in Isparta and flows into the Mediterranean sea. In this canyon, there are two historical bridges that one of them is made by master, and other one is made by his apprentice. If you like to do rafting or try for the first time, you need to do it here where the cold river flows through a uniqe canyon.
Scuba Diving
Antalya is  a city that offers a visual feast for scuba diving with its undersea variety, caves, flora and different kinds of water animals. You can choose one of the proper places such as Kas, Kemer, Kalkan, Falezler, Sıcan Adası ve Uc Adalar for scubadiving. Along with these, you can bear witness to the history in B-24 War Plane Submerged, Fransız Sosyete Submerged, Gelidonya Ancient Submerged, Kaş Plane Submerged ve Paris Submerged, and to the ancient ages in Uluburun Ancient Submerged. Antaya also has Gok Cave and Suluin Cave which are in great demand and famous places for cave diving.