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If you are planning to come here as a tourist, we strongly recommend you to contact Active Rent A Car before visiting the Expo 2017

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Expo 2016 Antalya Project

The Expo organized by the International Exhibitions Bureau and the International Garden Plant Manufacturers Association, has been drawing significant attention since the 19th century, after the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games, with its economic and cultural aspect. Expo originally stands for the word exhibition and it is first started in our country in 2016 in Antalya.
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During the 6 month period  between April and October, the Expo organization in Antalya was visited by a great number of people from all over Turkey.
You can visit this famous event which will be organized again next year, and ease your transportation by having service from Rent a Car Antalya . You can have a fun and enjoyable time in this beautiful exhibition area.
Well, lets take a look at what happened in EXPO 2016?
The researches related to EXPO Antalya was first started in 2017.
After many years of work, the Expo was organized in Antalya in 2016 with the theme of 'A New World for Future Generations' philosophy and 'Flower and Child' theme.
Within the scope of Flower and Children theme, Aksu district of Antalya has hosted numerous seminars, concerts, panes and performing arts activities.
During Expo 2016, where hosted about 20.000 social and cultural activities in a 6 month period, we were able to provide quality service  as Active Rent a Car for transportation needs of the visitors.
Expo 2016 was visited by approximately 8 million people has left an unforgettable impression on its visitors with the Expo Pond, Expo Forest, Children's Island, Anfi Theater, Museum of Agriculture and Navigation Tower here.
Conventions, concerts, social and cultural events organized during the Expo which have contributed in many ways to our country's tourism as well as its economy. Although the Expo which helped our country to improve commercial life has ended, the exhibition area is still open. So you still have a chance to visit the Antalya Expo exhibition area.
If you are planning to come here as a tourist, we strongly recommend you to contact Active Rent A Car before visiting the Expo 2017. Thus, while visiting the exhibition area or spending time in Antalya, you can experience a journey with the latest model cars and a safe and comfort transportation.