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History and you should know Istanbul

                                                                                        Things You Need To Know About Istanbul
Istanbul is the most important city of Turkey when its greatness and socioeconomocic situation is considered. When the historical story of Istanbul where is not only the most crowded city of Turkey but aso the Europe’s, is thought, we see that it has the characteristics of a capital. Altough is not the capital city of Turkey, it is a leader city in terms of its culture andeconomics and has all the features of Turkey in its cosmopolitan structure. It was the capital city of Roman Empire between 330 – 395, Constantinople between 395 – 1204 and 1261 – 1453, Latin Empire between 1204 – 1261 and finally Ottoman Empire between 1453 – 1922. Today it draws attention from Turkey and the world with its natural beauties like its bosphorus that connects two lands as a financial center and historical remains. We are going to introduce and discuss Istanbul from both foreign and loca tourists’ eyes.
Altough there are urban issues of people who live in the city with connected to increasing population, Istanbul is a magnificent city especially for the tourist who wants to know it. Being a capital city of lots of great empires for centuries, gives it a historical richness that you can not find anywhere else. So lets mention what can you do in Istanbul as a tourist. First of all the traffic is a significant  issue fort he ones who ive in the city but if you are a visitor who wants to know Istanbul you will need a car to travel in the city. So taking your own car with you, or having a rental car from a Active Rent A Car company will be appropriate before starting your journey in Istanbul and you need to remember that Istanbul is a big city in terms of not only crowd but also the surface area. So if you want to know Istanbul in a short time, a rental car will be ideal for you. In addition, since the traffic will be less in holiday season, you can easily make your travels. 
Every county of Istanbul is beautiful and should be seen. We will only give information about these counties for now, but later we discussed them in details. If you are interested in historical places, Istanbul will be a heaven for you. First, historical walls of Istanbul welcomes you when you enter the historial peninsula, these walls are historical walls from East Roman Empire and date back to 5th century AD. The walls that will make you live a historical atmosphere when entering the city has 50 doors and 300 constellation on it. Athough it is mostly damaged and lost, the remains of it can be seen claerly today. When you enter trough these walls, you wil see lots of palaces as Ciragan Palace, Dolmabahce Palace, Yıldız Palace, Beylerbeyi Palace and Topkapi Palace. The oldest palace among these is the Topkapi Palace . In this Topkapi Palace, you can visit the unique pieces here as sacred  relics such as the cardigan, tooth, footprint and sward of Hz Muhammed, spoonmaker’s diomond and Topkapi Dagger. Along with the historical remains, another important thing aout the Istanbul is that its squares. Taksim where is known world wide being in the first place, there are lots of symbolised and historically valuable squares in Istanbul as Sultanahmet Square, Beyazıt Square, Bakirkoy Ozgurluk Square, Kadiköy Dock Square. These squares have also hosted historical remains too. For instance, there are aghia sophia, blue mosque, German fountain and the obelisk. This square is only one of the square that recieves thousands of tourists every day with these specialities.
In conclusion, Istanbul is a unique city in the world both with its cultural and historical fabric. Knowing this city where is so rich with historical remains of centuries that can not be discussed only in one writing will give you a uniqe experience where you can not get anywhere else.