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3 Most Peaceful Resting Places in Istanbul

Istanbul where hosted great civilizations, stands as like a natural capital with its geographical position. Although it is not the capital of Turkey, it is the most crowded, and most rich city in terms of history and culture. They say that every beautiful city has a river to pass trough itself, but Istanbul has a sea. In this regard, Istanbul is the only city on earth where you can have a tea on a ferry and arrive in another continent before finishing your tea. This unique bosphorus in Istanbul, both have provided it a great political value in terms of geography throughout the years and have been glamorizing people with its natural beauty. We will mention the beautiful counties near the sea of Istanbul today. As we mentioned befroe in our previous articles, whether you live in Istanbul or came here as a foreign tourist, if you will make a journey here, you are going to need a vehicle. First, it will be so much easier if you deal with a and have a automatic rental car. Although the traffic in Istanbul is a great problem for the local people, this situation is not the same for the tourists. Because the traffic here is not a problem in holidays since the city is empty, and tourists can make their journeys easily since they do not drive only on working hours.

Emirgan / Sariyer
If you want to enjoy your tea on the shore in Istanbul, the first place you need to visit is Emirgan. This place was also used in lots of Turkish movies too. This bosphorus county where is famous with its tea gardens and a large city park has also very important historical structures in it. There is a wood in Emirgan where is opened for visitors in Lütfü Kırdar period and there are 3 historical mansions in it. The Yellow Mansion, Pink Mansion and the White Mansion where are constructed in between 1871 - 1878 glamorize their visitors.

Pierre Loti Hill / Eyup
The Pierre Loti Hill is another touristic heaven where is in Eyup and famous with its view. Pierre Loti jhas taken its name from Julien Viaud who is an author, an oriental scientist and in love with Istanbul. It is said that Julien Viaud who sees Turkey his second home has often come the cafe here on this hill and he had written his novel ‘Aziyade’ here. The top of the Pierre Loti hill is surrounded by historical places and it has a unique view. So changing its name caused great reactions and it become a center of attention for its visitors. You can use the telfer of Pierre Loti when going to this hill.

Cengelkoy / USKUDAR
Cengelkoy is a nice stopover where high income families have lived in in Ottoman Empire throughout its history and where has a traditional Bogazici neighborhood culture. The most famous place of the county is the Cinarati Tea Garden where hosted the famous tv series Super Baba in its period. At the end of your journey, you can drink your tea with bosphorus view in the tea gardens where is on seaside and has a peaceful environment, or have a lovely meal in one of the countless seafood restourants