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Rent a Car Antalya Airport

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Rent a Car Antalya Airport is a real heaven for a vacation in Turkey. Especially with its natural beauties, forests, unique beaches, famous coves and bungalows, Antalya has been drawing tourists’ attention from all over the world and it is full of visitor all the year round. We had chosen Adrasan among lots of beautiful coves such as Olympos, Kas and Kabak and decided to rent a bungalow in there for our vacation last year. We work for whole year with the dreams of a vacation. So we took the road to the magnificient coves of Antalya to leave the Istanbul’s crowd and stress behind and we decided to use airway since our holiday period was short. After a smooth flight, we landed in the Antalya Airport where is also very nice, but our transportation afterwards was a real challange. As domestic tourists who visited Antalya for the first time, we did not have much information about Antalya and so we took an extremely journey from airport to bus terminal. The journey took about an hour in the traffic and the bus was extremely crowded and hot. Then with another long journey with a crowd again from Antalya internal bus station via a minibus through Adrasan road and arrived in Adrasan intersection. Butthe journey was not ended yet. We waited for a taxi on a road where has no settlement on it and finally arrived in Adrasan via a taxi. We spent three times more time to come to Adrasan than the time that we had spent to come Antalya from Istanbul and then we couldn’t left Adrasan through our vacation. 
Although we had a troubled journey to here, we glamorized with the beauty of Antalya. Therefore, we have decided to go to Adrasan and other coves again for our vacation this year but with a different choice this time; we took our journey by renting a car from Active Rent A Car and we had no problem at all. 
The vehicle we had chosen from , was waiting for us at the moment we landed in Antalya Airport, then we had a comfort experience untill the end of our vacation with this vehicle. The total money we spent was less and our vacation did not become a nightmare instead of a nice holiday. I’d like to thank the whole Active Rent A Car Antalya Airport companies for being the architect of this joyous vacation.