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The Culture, History and Natural Beauties of Trabzon

The Culture, History and Natural Beauties of Trabzon
Trabzon where is located on East Black Sea Region, rich in natural beauties and agriculture. In this magnificent city, you can enjoy the beautiful sea or have a relaxing and refreshing vacation in touch with nature. The city center is built on Minthrion Hill or Boztepe as its present name, and hosts lots of tourists every year with its historical places. The lakes as Cakirgol, Uzungol and streams as Agaser Brook, Degirmendere in this region are one of the most important natural beauties of Trabzon. However, all pervading, endless, and all gren mountains create the most magnificent view in Trabzon. These wonder of nature mountains are also arable and there are lots of settlement places here in the mountains and high lands. You can stay in this peaceful environment for a relaxing holiday. However, since the transportation here will be difficult with the public transportation service, and expensive with the taxis, we recommend you to use your own car if you have, and if you do not take rental car service from a Rent A Car company. This way, both you can have a joyous and comfortable travle and you will have the opportunity to go wherever you wish. Car Book Trabzon
Trabzon is an important city in terms of historical places too. The abbeys, churches, baths, mansions and lots of pieces from Ottoman Empire has drawn tourists’ attention and made this place a tourism center. Especially the Sumela Abbey, where is the most known historica place in Trabzon, glmaorize its visitors with its beauty and great structure. Sumela Abbey is in the MAcka cunty of Trabzon and it is an old comples of eastern orthodox abbey and church. The original name of the Sumela Abbey is Panagia Sumela or Thetokos Sumela. It is builted between 365 – 395 AD with cappadocian church style, and the real founder of the abbey is the 3rd Alesios the Trabzon Emperor. If you come to Trabzon with holiday purposes, this magnificent abbey should be the first historical place that you need to see.
Along with these historical structures and natural beauties, there are also lots of theatres, cultural centers, museums and shopping centers in Trabzon. The Trabzon Ayasofya Museum where is one of the most important museums in the region is constructed with the transformations of the abbey which is builted by the 1st Manuel the King in 1250 – 1260. This museum is one of the best examples of the architecture of the churches in Late Contantiople Period. In Trabzon Ayasoyfa Museum where has a glamorous workmanship, along with the christian art and architecture, the Islamic architecture and traditions of Seljukian Period can be seen as well.
You can provide your transportaion here with the intercity busses which can be reached from all over the country, or airways, or with your own car if you have. However, since Trabzon is a city where needs to be visited around without hooking only one palce, coming here with your own car will be beneficial in terms of both comfort and expenses. And if you do not have any cars, you can deal with a Rent A Car firms from any place in the country and have a  rental  car Trabzon airport, this way you can make your journeys with the same comfort and ease. 
Trabzon is an attractive city with its world wide known cuisine culture. If you come here for vacation, we recommend you to try the local dishes here. Kuymak, hacapur, bread with hamsi, lamelsi bread, karalahana soup and rolls, pumpkin desert and rice, poached hamsi, hoholli hamsi, kaygana, , pickle roasting with beans ve korkot which is corn soup are the most known and important tastes of Trabzon. The local growers here are corn, hamsi, tea and black cabbage, and these 4 nutrients create the Trabzon cuisine by getting combined and cooked in different ways. To experience these tastes in the best way, we recommend you to prefer the restourants where  proved its reliablitiy and mastership in Trabzon. And again, having a rental car, if you do not have any cars, will be ideal for you in order to ease your transportation to these restourants.