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EXPO 2016 Antalya Aksu rent a car services, rental car, chauffeured car, Transfers Antalya EXPO 2016 and we recommend that you must read the article you will find information about the expo and the CNR Expo . About botany and plants around the world,

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Transportation from Antalya to EXPO 2016 Antalya Rent a Car

                                                                                                            Expo 2016 Antalya
 Expo is a short verison of the word ‘exposition’ and it is the biggest social and cultural organization of the world. Expo is also known as the World Fair and it has been organizing since middle 19th century. In this organization, scientific, cultural, technological and social developments and improvements of the period and is exhibited. Expo is a platform where city wide, national and global developments, problems, solutions and alternatives, and opinions about the environment are shared and discussed. Botanik EXPO is an event that offers an environment where the topics like the protection of the green field, usage of sustainable energy sources, protection of natural sources and living spaces for next generations are discussed and exchange opinions. 
        Expo 2016 is the first Expo that is going to open in Turkey, and it will be organize in April - October, 2016. Cultural and art activities, national and international congresses, seminars and panels will be open to visitors. The philosophy of the Expo 2016 is ‘Cultivating a green life for future generations’, the theme is ‘Flowers and Children’ and the motto is ‘A green life for future generations’. In Expo 2016 which will take place in Antalya, Aksu, 8 millions of visitors both local and foreign are expected. If you want to join this magnificent event, you can come to Aksu with your car or busses, or you can have a rental car service from Rent A Car Antalya companies which will meet you at the airport. 
       Where Turkey Antalya Expo 2016 Antalya - How to get there? in Aksu county of Antalya and it is expected that it will recieve the biggest number of visitors both at the national and international levels among other Expos. Expo 2016 will host laughter of children from all over the world and magical scents of flowers, while producing solutions and alternatives to leave a greener, more livable world to next generations. To become a part of this wonderful organization, you can use the minibusses or services after you came to Antalya, or rent a car and easily arrive to Aksu. The sub themes of Expo 2016 Antalya are sustainablity, bio-diversity, history and green cities. These sub themes are also important in terms of producing and exchanging of ideas both at national and international levels. You can join the seminars, congresses, meetings and panels about these topics, and participate to the activities. There also lots of services in the Expo 2016 Antalya. Some these services are local expositions, country presentations, international symposiums, children’s congresses, performing art and concerts, meetings and seminars and world environment symposium.
 For Expo 2016 Antalya which will be the first Expo of Turkey, Peony has been chosen as the symbol flower with the studies of various foundations and institutions. This beautiful flower is genetically belong to anatolian territories and in ‘Paeonia Turcica’ which is its Latin name has the word ‘Turk’ in it. The opening of the Expo 2016 Antalya which has Flowers and Children theme, will be made in accordance with its theme at the date 23rd of April 2016 which is the date of national sovereignty and children’s day. You can visit exhibition spaces for participant countries to introduce their gardening culture, Expo Tower - symbolizing the historic Hadrianus Gate, Bio-Diversity Museum, Congress Center, amphitheatres, Children’s Island, Science and Technology Center for Children, country side activity area, Expo Lake, Peony shaped like terrace, Expo Hill, Forest and Square in this world wide organization. The transportation to Expo 2016 Antalya, can easily be provided by your car or rental car services of Rent A Car companies.