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Transportation in Antalya

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Antalya is a city in southern of Turkey and westhern of Mediterranean Region. It is swarmed by visitors especially in summer season. In this regard, it is an importan tourism center. It has approximately 2.3 million population and its economy depends on tourism, farming and trade. Geting access to this beautiful city can be in many different ways such as roads, airway and sea way. There is no highways in the city and all the roads in here belong to the government.If you use the highway transportation to arrive Antalya, you may prefer intercity busses that has lots of services from very different places, or you can use your own car and if you do not have any you can have a rental car. If you use the airways to Antalya, you can come to the Antalya Airport that is located 10 km far from the Antalya City Center, and continue your trip with the services from there or by a  Rent A Car Antalya company that will provide you a rental car in the airport.Local transportaion in Antalya, is provided easily and comfortable for the local people and visitors. There are different kind of public transportation vehicles such as Antray, Antobus, Sea Busses and Nostalgic Tramway that are release to service for the inner city trips. Since there are lots of historical places and natural places that is need to be seen, visitors can use these public tranportation vehicles, services or rental car services to make their trips in Antalya. These vehicles are enough qulified to meet the needs of both local people and visitors.  Antray is a rail transport system that is put into service in 2010 and has 11 km of track length and 16 stops. Since one of these stops is 200 meters far from the Inter City Bus Terminal, it provides a great accessibility for the visitors who came from other cities. Antray is a popular publıc transportation vehicle with its clean, comfortable, hi-tech service.Antobus which is the name of the inner city busses of Antalya, is put into service in 2010, with its 40 busses. These modern equipped busses which have large passanger capacity and is adopted of EU standarts, have a significant place in inner city trips and transportation. You can benefit from these  services or have a rental car from a Active  Rent A Car ,  The sea busses in Antalya, is a public transportation system that is a succesfully presented alternative for the problems of the highway transport service like traffic. This fast, modern and comfortable public transportation service, gives service between Antalya and Kemer areas. Sea busses which are opened in 2012, transport their passangers to their destinations 3 times a day. Sea Busses offers its passengers a safe, environment friendly and modern service to its passengers while decreasing the traffic density. Another public transportation system of Antalya is the Nostalgic Tramway. Nostalgic Tramway is put into service on Müze - Zerdalilik line, in 1999. It has total 16 stops and is giving service in every 30 minutes.  Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has been working with a great care to provide a more comfortable and easier inner city transportation. There are Antalya Transportation Call Centers which give service 7 24 in case of any transportation problems. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality provides a comfortable and safe travel experience for both visitor who came to Antalya with their own car and rents a car and local people with road repairs, asphalt linings, repairment and organization of the traffic signs and road painting procedures.