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Active after arriving at Antalya airport rent a car from car hire we can participate in the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival ,

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Turkey Travel Guide

                                                                                         Festivals and Carnivals Organized in Antalya
Festivals and carnivals are significant activities in terms of bringing the local people and tourist together and having good time, strengthen and enrich the cultural and social activities. In this regard, some festivals and carnivals are organized at certain times in Antalya. This city which has a entertaining and joyous culture due to its geographic location, plays host to summer festivals on its high uplands, and important events such as International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival and International Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival. If you are in Antalya that is coincide to these festivals, you must join to these wonderful events. And if you came to this fun-filled city with your car you can easily arrive in the event places, otherwise you can use public transportation or have a rental car by making a deal with a Rent A Car company.
Summer Festivals of Feslikan Upland
Feslikan Upland Summer Festivals is a traditional festival that is organized every year in the Feslikan Upland in Antalya, by Konyaaltı city hall. This joyous event, becomes a great feast and entertainment center with the concerts of famous performers and participation of thousands. Along with these, wrestling matches has also an important position in these festivals. Talented and famous competitors, creat a battle that is entertaning to watch, here in 450 meters altitude above the sea. Transportation to these areas can be provided with mınıbuses or services, but for a more comfortable transportation, we recommend yo to have rental car Antalya service from a Rent A Car company, if you do not have any cars. Feslikan Upland Festivals which gives its attendees moments of fun by bringing different kinds of people has been organized for the 20th time this year and it will be continue being one of the most important entertainment events both for the local people of Antalya and tourists. Along with these, there are also other festivals that are organized in Antalya suc as Söbüce Upland Festival, Alanya Festivals and Abdal Musa Festivals.
International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival
The festival first organized with the name of Belkıs Festival in 1953 in Antalya, and then it came to our day as Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival by changing and developing and it has a great importance for Antalya. This fascinating festival where the awards that are encourage Turkish Cinema to develop and go forward, go to their owners, took the name of International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival by adding it international categories in 2004. 
International Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival
International Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival, is organized in Antalya’s most famous Lara Beach, on a approximately 10 thousand square meters, by Global Design Art Works with the help of lots of local institution and foundation. This festival has become one of the most important cultural and art activities in the city due to attention it attracted, high number of participants and the wonderfulness of the magnificent art works that are created. In this globally known festival, lots of talented artist who came from different places, creat masterpieces for meters by using only water and sand in festival area. This festivals philosophical logic is that nothing is permanent and everything will disappear someday and artists work with a different concept every year. If you want to witness these magnificent art works’ building and exhibition processes, you can easily arive in Lara Beach with your car or a rental car service.