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                                                                                    ISTANBUL TUYAP EXHIBITON CENTER
 Istanbul is one of the most important cities with its geographical, historical, economical and social structure. Although it is not the capital of Turkey, it has a capital city fabric in a lot of ways . The historic fabric here dates back ancient times and since Istanbul hosted lots of important civilizations and empires, it has world wide known and importsnt structures. Therefore Istanbul is an ideal city for historical trips and tours. To travel as you wish in this beautiful city, you can use the public transportation vehicles or have a rental car by seeing a Rent A Car , Along with the unique beauties of Istanbul, this amazing city also hosts lots of important business men. The economical and technological substructure here offers improtant opportunities to firms, companies and business managers on improtant business fields and markets. Especially for new businesses, the exhibitons that are organized in Istanbul might be very beneficial in order to introduce their products or services and enhance their recognition. These exhibitions hosts businesses that introduces their service or product, their owners and visitors. With these exhibitions the companies on the same field come together and an amazing environment for those interested in to visit and managers to show theirselves appears. If you are a business owner or there is an exhibiton on a fieald that you are interested in you can visit the exhbition centers in Istanbul. Today we will mention the Tuyap Exhibiton Center in Istanbul. Istanbul Tuyap Exhibiton Center has two exhibition fields and of these fields is on Beylikduzu county of Istanbul. This exhibition area and congress center has 65 thousand square meters field and it is the largest exhibition and congress center of Turkey. Lots of international and nationally important exhibitons are organized here every year and Tuyap Exhibition Center hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors. Tuyap Exhibiton Center has provided all types of services and opportunities to its visitors and to give its visitor an unforgettable exhibition experience, it provides high quality service with its expert team and technical substructure since its foundation. The services such as parking area for about 4.500 vehicles and anouther parking area for trailer trucks, tourism and travel consultation and taxi services are here to meet you transportation needs. And for your accommodation, you can stay in the luxurious and comfort hotels arount the exhibition center. Istanbul Tuyap Exhibiton Center, has the technological and institutive substructure, knowledge, skills and experience and most importantly expert employees that are necessary for the exhibitons that will be organized on businesses with many different areas and qualities. Therefore, the tools and materials, resources and equipments are used in the right way and efficiently. If you have a business or there is an exhibition on a field that you are interested in, you can visit the Istanbul Tuyap Exhibition Center. While coming here, you can use lots of different transportation ways but the idealist way will be to rent a car for both to have a cheap and comfort journey. You can provide your transportation to the exhibition center by dealing with a Rent A Car firm that will meet youat the airport or bus terminal and have a rental car and these cars can be both İstanbul Atatürk Airport chauffeur-driven cars or a regular one for you to drive .