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Turkey Travel Guide
                                                                                         Festivals and Carnivals Organized in Antalya
Festivals and carnivals are significant activities in terms of bringing the local people and tourist together and having good time, strengthen and enrich the cultural and social activities. In this regard, some festivals and carnivals are organized at certain times in Antalya. This city which has a entertaining and joyous culture due to its geographic location, plays host to summer festivals on its high uplands, and important events such as International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival and International Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival. If you are in Antalya that is coincide to these festivals, you must join to these wonderful events. And if you came to this fun-filled city with your car you can easily arrive in the event places, otherwise you can use public transportation or have a rental car by making a deal with a Rent A Car company.
Summer Festivals of Feslikan Upland
Feslikan Upland Summer Festivals is a traditional festival that is organized every year in the Feslikan Upland in Antalya, by Konyaaltı city hall. This joyous event, becomes a great feast and entertainment center with the concerts of famous performers and participation of thousands. Along with these, wrestling matches has also an important position in these festivals. Talented and famous competitors, creat a battle that is entertaning to watch, here in 450 meters altitude above the sea. Transportation to these areas can be provided with mınıbuses or services, but for a more comfortable transportation, we recommend yo to have rental car Antalya service from a Rent A Car company, if you do not have any cars. Feslikan Upland Festivals which gives its attendees moments of fun by bringing different kinds of people has been organized for the 20th time this year and it will be continue being one of the most important entertainment events both for the local people of Antalya and tourists. Along with these, there are also other festivals that are organized in Antalya suc as Söbüce Upland Festival, Alanya Festivals and Abdal Musa Festivals.
International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival
The festival first organized with the name of Belkıs Festival in 1953 in Antalya, and then it came to our day as Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival by changing and developing and it has a great importance for Antalya. This fascinating festival where the awards that are encourage Turkish Cinema to develop and go forward, go to their owners, took the name of International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival by adding it international categories in 2004. 
International Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival
International Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival, is organized in Antalya’s most famous Lara Beach, on a approximately 10 thousand square meters, by Global Design Art Works with the help of lots of local institution and foundation. This festival has become one of the most important cultural and art activities in the city due to attention it attracted, high number of participants and the wonderfulness of the magnificent art works that are created. In this globally known festival, lots of talented artist who came from different places, creat masterpieces for meters by using only water and sand in festival area. This festivals philosophical logic is that nothing is permanent and everything will disappear someday and artists work with a different concept every year. If you want to witness these magnificent art works’ building and exhibition processes, you can easily arive in Lara Beach with your car or a rental car service.

The Museums Where You Must See In Istanbul


                                                                                   The Museums Where You Must See In Istanbul
Istanbul hosted lots of different cultures throughout centuries, and most of the buildings and pieces are still can be seen and visited today. We can say that it Istanbul is an open air museum with the buildings around it, especially the historical peninsula and its environment. This situation stands for the benefit of Istanbul’s tourism and attracts hundreds of thousands of both domestic and foreign tourists to our country every year. Another important issue especially for the people who are in Istanbul, is that it is very easy to explore these historical places with rental cars from Rent A Car companies on a weekend. It is known that the traffic and public transportation are a main problem for the people who are in Istanbul but you can make a little journey in the city with your car, without facing any traffic problems in a proper day and day of rest. If you don’t have a car, you can deal with  Rent A Car Istanbul company and make your journey more faster and comfort.
Miniaturk Turkey Park
One of the most interesting cultural organizations in Turkey recently is the Miniaturk Turkey Park or as its more known name Miniaturk. This museum which is started with the idea of exhibition the country with small miniatures is a succesful museum design that is opened for visitors in May the 2nd, 2003. The museum where is located near Halic is the largest miniature exhibition museum in the world. The models minimised by a 25th of 122 architectural works based on their recognition level are exhibited in here and there are audio introductry records in 9 languages. If you want to have a general opninon about these historical structures and have this unique experience, Miniaturk is open for visitors 365 days in a year, including the holidays and if you plan your trip with your own car or rental car, there is a 500 vehicle capacity parking area.
Rahmi Koc Museum
Rahmi Koc museum is a museum where is located in Haskoy county of Istanbul, near Halic and hosts the most important cultural activities of Istanbul. Rahmi Koc museum is the first and most important museum that is devoted to transportation, industry and communication history in Turkey. Lots of various pieces from gramophone needle to real ship pieces in Rahmi Koç museum. Another feature of this museum is that it is alway improving itself and it hosts new themed exhibition and expands day by day. The workshops such as metal workshops or wooden workshops where are leaded by experts, restorate all the pieces that is going to be exhibited and continue to bring in new pieces to our history.
Istanbul Archeology Museum
Istanbul Archeology Museum where is on the historical peninsula is one of the most important museums in the world with its pieces over one million that are belong to various cultures and civilizations. Istanbul Archeology museum is the oldest structure that is built as a museum in Turkey. This museum where is constructed as the Empire Museum by the painter and curator Osman Hamdi Bey and opened its gates in June 13th 1891 for visitors. There are unique pieces from a various area ofchalcolitic, early, middle and late br Ottoman Empire as from the Balkans, Africa, Mesopotamia and Arabian peninsula, periods as palaeolithic, neolithic, onze period here in Istanbul Archeology Museum. You can visit this museum where is one of the richest museums in cultural value, everyday between 09:00 and 17:00 except Tuesday.


The Culture, History and Natural Beauties of Trabzon
The Culture, History and Natural Beauties of Trabzon
Trabzon where is located on East Black Sea Region, rich in natural beauties and agriculture. In this magnificent city, you can enjoy the beautiful sea or have a relaxing and refreshing vacation in touch with nature. The city center is built on Minthrion Hill or Boztepe as its present name, and hosts lots of tourists every year with its historical places. The lakes as Cakirgol, Uzungol and streams as Agaser Brook, Degirmendere in this region are one of the most important natural beauties of Trabzon. However, all pervading, endless, and all gren mountains create the most magnificent view in Trabzon. These wonder of nature mountains are also arable and there are lots of settlement places here in the mountains and high lands. You can stay in this peaceful environment for a relaxing holiday. However, since the transportation here will be difficult with the public transportation service, and expensive with the taxis, we recommend you to use your own car if you have, and if you do not take rental car service from a Rent A Car company. This way, both you can have a joyous and comfortable travle and you will have the opportunity to go wherever you wish. Car Book Trabzon
Trabzon is an important city in terms of historical places too. The abbeys, churches, baths, mansions and lots of pieces from Ottoman Empire has drawn tourists’ attention and made this place a tourism center. Especially the Sumela Abbey, where is the most known historica place in Trabzon, glmaorize its visitors with its beauty and great structure. Sumela Abbey is in the MAcka cunty of Trabzon and it is an old comples of eastern orthodox abbey and church. The original name of the Sumela Abbey is Panagia Sumela or Thetokos Sumela. It is builted between 365 – 395 AD with cappadocian church style, and the real founder of the abbey is the 3rd Alesios the Trabzon Emperor. If you come to Trabzon with holiday purposes, this magnificent abbey should be the first historical place that you need to see.
Along with these historical structures and natural beauties, there are also lots of theatres, cultural centers, museums and shopping centers in Trabzon. The Trabzon Ayasofya Museum where is one of the most important museums in the region is constructed with the transformations of the abbey which is builted by the 1st Manuel the King in 1250 – 1260. This museum is one of the best examples of the architecture of the churches in Late Contantiople Period. In Trabzon Ayasoyfa Museum where has a glamorous workmanship, along with the christian art and architecture, the Islamic architecture and traditions of Seljukian Period can be seen as well.
You can provide your transportaion here with the intercity busses which can be reached from all over the country, or airways, or with your own car if you have. However, since Trabzon is a city where needs to be visited around without hooking only one palce, coming here with your own car will be beneficial in terms of both comfort and expenses. And if you do not have any cars, you can deal with a Rent A Car firms from any place in the country and have a  rental  car Trabzon airport, this way you can make your journeys with the same comfort and ease. 
Trabzon is an attractive city with its world wide known cuisine culture. If you come here for vacation, we recommend you to try the local dishes here. Kuymak, hacapur, bread with hamsi, lamelsi bread, karalahana soup and rolls, pumpkin desert and rice, poached hamsi, hoholli hamsi, kaygana, , pickle roasting with beans ve korkot which is corn soup are the most known and important tastes of Trabzon. The local growers here are corn, hamsi, tea and black cabbage, and these 4 nutrients create the Trabzon cuisine by getting combined and cooked in different ways. To experience these tastes in the best way, we recommend you to prefer the restourants where  proved its reliablitiy and mastership in Trabzon. And again, having a rental car, if you do not have any cars, will be ideal for you in order to ease your transportation to these restourants.


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